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Sharon is a highly respected international No. 1 best-selling author as well as a seasoned Business Executive, Entrepreneur, Growth Strategist and Success Coach.

She is passionate about helping people grow their business faster than the competition by giving business owners, just like you, financial freedom and the choice to life the life they deserve.

Sharon is the Director of her own international franchise 'HydroKleen', now in over 30 countries. She is the founder of SMJ Coaching Institute where she teaches, coaches and mentors speakers and coaches to grow their businesses. Sharon is Director of 9 companies and her professional achievements have been recognised by winning over 36 industry awards including the most sought after, Australian Franchise Woman of the Year.

She is a member of many professional bodies including Franchise Council of Australia and Women in Franchising.

Sharon is accredited with the International Board of Hypnosis and the International Board of Time Line Therapy® as a Master Practitioner, Coach and Trainer.

She is world renowned for her strategies on business growth, sales and marketing, franchising, coaching and speaking, self-development and accelerated psychological transformation.

She lives in Queensland, Australia with her partner John.

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