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Revealing and Concealing: Communication Differences Between Men and Women.

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Dr. Colleen

RESCRIPTING your story and how it will transform your life.

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Learn to communicate like a Buddhist, leaving drama behind.

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What you really need to know about communication in dating.

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The Power of EFT: How it can calm your nerves and boost your confidence in communication

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NVC: Using your emotions as a GPS to steer you to better communication.

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Arielle Ford

The kinship between The Law of Attraction and Communication.

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Kirk Akahoshi

Men: The truth about anger, vulnerability and connection.

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Cheryl Alderman

The Red Shoes: Secrets to relating with the 4 communication styles.

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Lindsey T.H. Jackson

The Enneagram Basics & Show, Don’t Tell: Public Speaking as an opportunity for connection.

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Communication, Confidence and the Third Chakra

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Go from self conscious to self expressed

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Amy Ahlers

How Self-Bullying is Blocking Your Success

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Eve Simon

Marketing from your inner landscape: Communication with heart.

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John Gray

Communication and Intimacy

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Sharon Sayler

Body Language: Silent Communication - What you don’t realize you are saying

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Arthur Bablis

The Body, Chinese Elements and Communication: How they all tie together.

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Sarah Peyton

Neuroscience and Resonant Language: Connective Communication and Healing Trauma

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Glenn Harrold

Hypnosis: How you can transform your life using it!

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Ashley Turner

The 5th Chakra: Open to the power and flow of your voice

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